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Welcome to Xtreme Teeth Whitening

A smile.

What is a smile?

  • A smile opens doors.
  • A smile opens hearts.
  • A smile lights up a room.
  • A smile consoles sadness.
  • A smile brings joy.
  • A smile speaks of loving and caring.
  • A smile soothes the soul.

How can a simple facial expression do all that?

Ahhh…But it can – it’s wonderful, isn’t it?

That’s a lot of responsibility for just one expression, don’t you think? It is!

And that’s why a warm smile is so important.

  • Smiles leave a lasting impression on others.
  • They’re the first thing people see when they look at you.

Are you conscientious of smiling because your teeth are less-than-dazzling due to stained and/or yellowed teeth?

Would you like to take years off the age of your smile and add a fresh, new healthy looking glow to your teeth?

Is it time to change the way you face the world and greet each day with an energy and vibrancy that can only come from self-confidence, a confidence that is a direct result of your brilliant, dazzling white smile?


Now you can with Xtreme Teeth White Smile!

We are please to introduce Xtreme Teeth Whitening, a Pittsburgh based company, locally owned and operated, is the first to bring to the Tri-State area, the world’s #1, 20-minute professional cosmetic teeth whitening system.

Originally developed in Belgium by a team of dental professionals, this self-administered system has been perfected by one of the scientific partners that developed the original Zoom procedure over a decade ago and has been used extensively throughout Europe for years.

Xtreme Teeth Whitening introduces a strategic integration through a series of innovations and real science brought together to give you the whitest and brightest smile in a simple 20-minute process.

Teeth whitened in record timewithout the dentist, without the dentist’s price, without extensive wait time for results and without teeth sensitivity – in a simple yet comprehensive two-part approach to getting and keeping the smile of a lifetime and to get you back to the world of confident smiles.

Have the Whitest & Brightest Smile
for Every One of Your Special Moments

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